Varun Shetty

The narrative of Varun Shetty, our esteemed client is a reflection of his thoughts on fitness and our reciprocal feelings. Varun is the CEO of a reputed international school compelling him to maintain highly active and interactive social profile. It thus also becomes imperative that he remains on top of his health status.


“My belief was that everybody needs to be consistent to keep their body healthy & fit on a regular basis and I would look for a fitness place which would motivate me to workout at least thrice a week to ensure a good, sound health status” – Varun

We believe Varun has made the right choice in coming on board with us and his belief on health status resonates with our thought process as well – Figure it Out


“Good Ambience, well-spread out area and no over-crowding on the floor gives enough accessibility to instruments at all times” – Varun

We choose quality over quantity and hence our fitness center is an invitation to genuine fitness goal seekers. Without compromising on adequacy, we have made best use of 3000 sq ft to spread out fitness equipment suite and give enough room for free movement. So there is no hustle-bustle at the same time there is no waiting period – Figure it Out


“My explicit & implicit goals when enrolling in Figure It Out were to gain good weight & muscle along with improving stamina. In 5 months, I feel I have achieved 50 percent of my goals” – Varun

We believe, Varun has come a long way and his dedication, commitment has complemented our customized work out plan to reach half-way stage. It is our endeavour to be his partner in helping him attain his goals completely – Figure It Out


‘One of the biggest inclusions in my lifestyle is making fitness a part of my life style. I look forward to go to Figure It Out on a regular basis. Yes, I need to improve my diet as it is an important factor to be physically fit’ – Varun

We are glad that Varun has made fitness his lifestyle partner. We also look forward to Varun coming over to our fitness place every day We will soon be having our nutritionist partner on-board and we are sure we will be able to support Varun on his dietary needs as well and thus achieve holistic fitness goals  – Figure It Out


“I feel good because now my health is good and the collateral benefits has improved work productivity, better lifestyle and upbeat social life” – Varun

That exactly is our ultimate aim. Our ethos is that Fitness is not just how you perform in the fitness center, but how good you feel in your life and society  – Figure It Out


“Trainers are the primary drivers. Regular follow-up by the fitness center in case I miss out any of the days is an alert for me to take care of my health and be regular. This helps to set a routine to go to the Figure it Out and maintain my health”  – Varun

Our trainers are the best in the industry and constantly keep themselves upgraded on the fitness knowledge. Varun’s commitment motivates them to challenge his limits. Varun has set a benchmark of dedication and that inspires us to give our best – Figure It Out


“The Location, Ambience & trainers makes me come back to fitness center every single day “ – Varun

Our aim is to keep emanating positive vibes and keep maintaining the most conducive place to make this your daily fitness stop – Figure It Out


“Figure it out make you feel like family where you can share your thoughts & views with the concerned person (right from the trainer to the management) at any time. The personal touch adds an emotional value to the gym and helps to ensure the continuity towards it”  – Varun

Our members are our extended family and they reciprocate which motivates us to give our best for them – Figure It Out


“Continue to do the good work. Keep motivating your clients & remind us to be regular” – Varun

It is our commitment to stay best in the industry. Yes, we will continue to remind you to make best use of our fitness center thereby achieve your fitness goals. Therein lies our success – Figure It Out


Giving full marks to Varun Shetty’s persistence & determination we humbly acknowledge his good words for us and believe that his fitness journey is on course of becoming a success story.

We at Figure It Out thank Varun for his support, enthusiasm and faith in us and reassure him of our best always. We are glad to have such committed members with us.