Sean Gomes

Client Profile

A creative, media professional with a long career in TV, digital and advertising networks, Sean Gomes considers personal fitness to be a key anchor when it comes to staying focused and disciplined in an industry that can take you all over the place.


Sean was a fitness enthusiast for many years but had lately fallen into a slump due to work/life pressures. The overcrowded and unhygienic gyms in the neighbourhood also did not help with his training. But the desire was always there and in his own words, “I was far off my physical peak and looking to get back in shape”.
FIO Viewpoint
“The main deterrents for a fitness enthusiast to maintain fitness is not just work/life pressure but also the vibes of a fitness place.”


Unhappy with his erstwhile fitness center, Sean visited ‘Figure It Out’ and was pleasantly surprised by the overall ambience. As he puts it, “a nice, cosy gym with friendly and helpful trainers, a decent spread of equipment, good hygiene levels and small clientele with none of the riff-raff.”

While the urge to get back in shape and sustain it for a life-time was always there, Figure It Out seemed to be the best fit for Sean, physically and emotionally.

FIO Viewpoint
“Fitness, indeed, is not a destination but a journey and it is hence necessary to provide a good, clean and inspiring pathway.”

The Progress

Fitness is always a work in progress, but Sean is happy with what he has achieved over the last one year at ‘Figure It Out’. This progress has encouraged him to set newer fitness goals, which in turn are likely to push him even further. A welcome spiral effect of good work.

FIO Viewpoint
Success begets Success and so also in fitness. It is alright to be in a perpetual beta situation in fitness

Gains and Collateral Gains

Improvement in Sean’s fitness level has been very noticeable but what’s also significant is that his diet and lifestyle have fallen in place. As he rationalizes, “Figure It Out enabled me to really focus on my workouts, which in turn led me to become more disciplined in my diet and lifestyle, all of which are showing great results”.

Sean admits that fitness has given him great energy levels, focus and confidence. Fitness has also gone up in priority, which has led to an overall healthier lifestyle. And, as he rather proudly admits, “it’s great for the ego!”

FIO Viewpoint
“Being fit is a jigsaw puzzle. If you get it right, all the pieces fall in place and bingo! You have your life sorted”.”

The Motivation

Besides the ambience and holistic provisions of ‘Figure It Out’, Sean believes that the management and trainers have played a big role nudging him in the right direction. He has special words of thanks to Senior Manager, Ramesh, who he says very politely advised him to focus on improvement around his middle portion – something he was aware of but was not quite accepting yet! With great humility, Sean says “That was the spark that lit the fire and ‘Figure It Out’ was happily able to provide the motivation, advice, training and infrastructure to keep it going”

FIO Viewpoint
“Encouraging words work like magic and in fitness all you need is right people to tell you right things and then it is mind over matter”

An Ongoing Quest

The simple, no-fuss feel of Figure it Out helps Sean to come in every single day, focus completely on his workouts and leave with a positive feeling. Of course, as always, Sean feels even ‘Figure It Out’ has scope for improvement while maintaining the intimacy and personal touch. Small additions in training methods and a couple of new age machines are a good enough to keep Figure It Out abreast with the best, he feels.

FIO Viewpoint
“Fitness is as much a state of mind as body and positive feeling has a great influence in the matter of physical fitness”

The Rating

Straight from the heart, Sean rates ‘Figure It Out’ as the best for his needs. “I have been an active member of many gyms over the years and explored many others. ‘Figure It Out’ cannot be compared with some of the very best, bigger, fancier and, of course, far more expensive outlets. But this cosy and intimate gym is by far the best fitness center in the neighborhood and for miles around. Best ambience, best equipment and best people. That makes it the best option for me”

FIO Viewpoint
“Fitness options are evolving and are many. But when you are beckoned by inviting ambience, perfect equipment and honest people you are bound to make that your first choice”


‘Figure It Out’ would like to thank Sean Gomes for his kind words and at the same time salute his dedication, determination and diligence towards fitness. As independent observers we have noticed his focus and commitment and it is a matter of great pride for us to have such clientele who justify our very existence. While reassuring Sean of our commitment to stay good and keep improving, ‘Figure It Out’ salutes Sean Gomes for being an icon of our fitness center.