Jehangir Surti


This is an inspiring story of Jehangir Surti aka Jeh, self-employed media professional, who has moved on from major cardiac issues combined with self-induced nerve pinch / sciatic nerve issue to being a fitness regular. When a person undergoing physiotherapy gets induced into a fitness program for medical rehabilitation, it takes special efforts from all quarters for him to be converted into a gym regular.


Jeh primarily credits two individuals for this transformation

1. His physiotherapist, Dr. Charmie Desai who drafted an instructions guide for his fitness regime besides managing his rehabilitation.

2. Rahul Nimbale, Senior Trainer at Figure it Out who converted the instructions manual into Operations Manual and diligently oversees the execution of the same


Jeh’s workout regime at Figure It Out involves building on strength, endurance as well as flexibility. Rahul in regular consultation with Dr. Desai, executes relevant training and rehabilitation (Age/Body-type/Medical) that ensures he maintains a constant level of fitness and well-being.

A day in a week is dedicated to controlled lower body exercises while two days are focused towards upper body- combination. Cardio workouts are combined with flexibility building exercises to maintain good rehab status. In all the workouts, cardio regulation is monitored minutely.


Jeh is eloquent in his praise for ‘Figure It Out’.

Having a peaceful, not-crowded, clean and well-run gym is motivating and facilitates maintaining fitness/diet/lifestyle more efficiently and regularly”, mentions Jeh.

“Seeing the gym set-up and getting to know the passion of the Management did not make me think twice about enrolling. This gym has a positive vibe and is an oasis to retreat to, from the daily grind ”, confesses Jeh..


Figure It Out lens has been the witness to the transformation of Jeh from a ‘medical rehab client’ to a ‘regular gym going person’. Jeh is now addicted to the fitness center, hitting the place every morning, six days a week, challenging Rahul to take him to higher flexibility (the results of which are evident) leaving no evidence of past medical issues. Jeh’s posture and overall fitness-profile has undergone a huge transformation.

We credit it to Jeh’s persistence & determination while appreciating his kind words about ‘Figure It Out’ and his trainer, Rahul.

Jeh rates ‘Figure it Out’ 9 out of 10. We at Figure It Out thank him for his support, enthusiasm and positive inputs for the fitness center, while reassuring him that it will be our continuous endeavor to work towards 10 out of 10.