Gargi Chakravarty


While rest of the city is still cuddled up in deep slumber, this otherwise super busy ‘Merchandise and Retail professional’ hits the ‘Figure It Out’ fitness centre at 6 am sharp all charged up. Therein lies the secret sauce of her transformation from ‘Average, lacking strength and endurance’ to ‘perpetually motivated fitness enthusiast’.

Key Drivers

Over last 4 months, Gargi’s health graph has been a ‘hockey stick’ and her unbound enthusiasm, disciplined workout, eagerness to improve combined with meticulous dietary habits has helped her maintain fitness bar at its best.  She credits ‘Figure it Out’ for her success. 

“Figure It Out has everything one could want in a gym – good aesthetics, great location, great trainers, great owner!” she says.  While during enrolment she had mentioned that her goals were to tone up, overall health improvement and endurance, Figure It Out lens believes that she has achieved that and much more.

The Workout

Gargi follows workout regime to the T, often pushing her trainer, Pranay Parker to introduce variations.

Her workout is a good mix of endurance, strength, flexibility and functional.  Three days of endurance combined with functional training like tyre flip, tyre hammer, baton rope variations is nicely complemented by three days of strength training combined with core training.  Holistic workout is designed and constantly upgraded by her trainer to which she responds and adapts in no time.

Her trainer is a stickler as far training is concerned, but has exactly understood what works for her.

By her own admission “Personal training thrice a week made a huge difference in my performance. The knowledge and nutritional tips I have learned are invaluable. Most importantly, I am always motivated because the workouts are always changing and customized to my specific needs.”

The Result

Gargi confesses that she has never felt and looked better in years. Despite her responsible, demanding and hectic work schedule, she has now more energy, a better attitude and much reduced stress.  Fitness of course is work in progress she claims, which is what gives us in Figure It Out a hope that she is constantly raising the fitness bar, and in turn this would keep us motivated and on our toes.  Her commitment is to be accountable to her appointments with the trainer and which is also a key to her success. Remember, 6 am sharp every morning, 6 times a week.

Gargi’s stimulus in her own words

I have gained considerable improvements in my flexibility, strength and endurance. I can always count on my trainer for nutritional information and advice; moreover my trainer has a great attitude and always makes training fun”


Gargi expects that Figure It Out will continue to maintain its high standards of service while remaining a member friendly fitness place going forward at the same time she is also confident that Figure It Out will soon be a brand to be sought after on par with best in the industry

We at Figure It Out thank Gargi for her support, enthusiasm and encouragement, while we reassure Gargi that we will remain true to her expectations.  It is our endeavour to make every member feel comfortable in his or her pursuit of fitness goals.