FIDA | Figure It Out Gym - Versova, Mumbai


Figure It Out’s – FiDa (Fitness Days) Loyalty Program

The framework of the program is very simple as below :

1. We award you 1 point for every day of workout in ‘Figure It Out’ (Irrespective of Cardio, Weight Training or Functional Training).
2. Points get accumulated over 1 year from the start date of your membership
3. If your points exceed 250, you get gold membership of Figure it Out
4. If your points exceed 200 and you get silver membership of Figure It Out
5. At the end of every month, we will share with you the tally of accumulated points
6. These points can be redeemed to avail of commensurate discount during your next renewal if you are a gold member or a silver member and you will also be eligible for additional benefits

Accumulation of points will commence from all memberships post 04-July-2019 (which was our first anniversary).

The rationale is to ensure that you stay consistent in your workout and get rewarded for the same.