Abhishek Chaubey


This is a life-inspiring story of Abhishek Chaubey, Director, Writer, Screen Writer and Producer known for creating a very different genre of impactful, meaningful cinema. It is a demanding profession that requires Abhishek to be always to be on top of his physical condition and mental sharpness. Additionally there is a huge requirement of lifestyle management to remain fresh and alert when at work.

An interesting tete-a-tete between Abhishek and Figure It Out lens unveils that Abhishek has come out a winner in the fitness journey. Increased energy levels and broadened mental outlook are the takeaways courtesy his own will power, diligence, adaptability in the settings of Figure It Out with the support of his personal trainer Shantanu.


Abhishek was dealing with Thyroid issues for four months prior to September 2018. It had impacted him physically to the state of being lethargic and unenergetic. But he being strong willed person and wanting to get out of this state, was just waiting for his Physician’s approval for a go-ahead to move into fitness regime. While he was always aware of the benefits of fitness programs, stressful timelines, past fitness program experience, apprehensions and initial inertia were the roadblocks. Fortunately, he connected with Figure It Out and the plot of his success directed by Abhishek himself is scripted below.


Scene 1 – The journey began with the need to energize so as to do all jobs in life more effectively and efficiently.

Scene 2 – Abhishek undergoes a well-drafted fitness program, which includes a good combination of strength, endurance, flexibility and functional training.

Scene 4 – There is lot of educating in terms of right technique, right form and science behind this, which keeps Abhishek always interested.

Scene 5 – Diet changes in terms of eschewing junk arising from the awareness that if diet is not in control, exercising will be futile. Wheat gets substituted with jowar, bajra and brown rice, sugar with fruits and protein needs taken care by egg whites and dry fruits.

Scene 6 – Lifestyle changes get introduced terms of managing social gatherings and not succumbing to temptations of binge eating.

Scene 7 – As the fitness program started getting into his system, it became a kind of good addiction. Walks and other possible activities compensate days that he could not work out during outdoor shoots.

Scene 8 – Further realization of far-reaching benefits and the need to maintain higher metabolism with age, release endorphins and maintain higher energy levels during hectic lifestyle and high stress activities.

Scene 9 – Abhishek comes out trumps with regard to the demanding outdoor shooting needs of endurance, walking, climbing thanks to his fitness discipline. Happy ending for now…


The settings of Figure It Out are ideal according to Abhishek. Separate sections for endurance, strength and functional activities makes workout a very structured process. Right mix of equipment for all physical fitness activities makes it the ideal fitness place. “Fitness places do not just need to encourage pumping iron, it has to be holistic” Abhishek feels and believes that ‘Figure It Out’ settings are well suited for holistic fitness intentions.


There are far-reaching, honest messages in Abhishek’s fitness story as he would himself confess and profess

1. Fit body leads to fit mind – The collateral benefits are outlook changes and mental sharpness

2. Personality is how you feel – Confidence to face challenges is a by-product of well-managed fitness program

3. Two sides of the coin – Fitness and diet are both equally important to achieve the above goals

4. Mirror does not lie – looking at yourself every day tells you the physical and mental condition

5. Fitness outcomes are addictive – Positivity rubs off on other people with whom you interact and you are able to govern the energy levels of others through your positivity

6. Starting troubles end soon – Give fitness a try for one month post that your mind will drive you towards fitness unconsciously, the results will themselves be the torch bearers of the fitness journey

7. Give yourselves away to a good coach – Outside in view by an expert will yield better results

8. Fitness is passion not commerce – Fitness owners, fitness trainers and fitness students have to view it as a passion and commercial activity for monetary gains


As well-wisher Abhishek endorses fitness movement asking us in Figure It Out, to get into the next level of fitness passion that includes nutrition support, awareness programs, opportunity to interact with experts in the field and lifestyle advice forums to make fitness a holistic experience.

We at Figure It Out have already figured out these needs and are coming up with a sequel to our successful fitness programs. Nutritionist is already on board and will be soon be available for consultation.

We are in touch with right experts to provide a platform for our members to interact with health professionals. While maintaining the quality of our first fitness release, we would like to ensure that our future sequels would be as effective, as exciting, as result oriented, as human and as personal in future.


Figure It Out would like to thank Abhishek for his passionate involvement in his own health regime thus helping us bring in results. His positive words and clarity of thoughts are much appreciated which keeps us motivated to maintain high standards. A big note of thanks to his trainer Shantanu for inspiring Abhishek’s fitness story. Abhishek rates us 9 out of 10 and feels he is fortunate to have discovered Figure It Out. We in turn feel we are more fortunate to have such fitness trend-setter as a part of our family.